“We went to Bristol for a couple of days break over the Christmas holidays.” I said to my colleague. “Bristol! Why would you go there?”. Right so that was also how I thought before I planned the visit, but the argument seemed sensible to me when I did and it actually played out better than that.

1.Bristol is 10 miles from Bath, going where would be understandable as a touristy place. 2.Good, premium hotels can be had for a relatively better price than Bath.
3.The wife idea of fun is good shopping more than anything else. Bristol seemed to tick the box.
4.Kids idea of fun was a nice hotel with pool and variety of food. Ticks the box.
5.A bit of theatre thrown in wouldn’t be bad, and if it’s Peter Pan starring The Hoff that was running locally, perhaps all the better.
6.My idea of fun is keeping the family happy and getting nice pictures to cherish.
7.Turned out Bristol also has the landmark Clifton suspension bridge designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. For me all things clever architecturally I have a weak spot to linger and muse over. So a final bonus tick from me too. Not to mention the new part of the town centre Cabot circus, was a clever multi dimensional, neo fusion set piece by itself. Worth a look if passing through the area.
8.Culinary delights, not bad for choice. ‘4500 miles from Delhi’ and ‘Zaza bazaar’ would be my 2 recommendations.

What more did we need in a 2 day break?
Perhaps nearly as enjoyable a short break could be in the midst of winter, within the island, with the assortment of family interests to cater to whilst keeping everyone safe from the cold. Funny that it should be possible in Bristol. But it was!