So I believe  that tourism in Australia from the UK is going to see a rather big upswing in 2012, never mind that the big games are here in London and its the Queen’s anniversary and it’s the year of culture and so on. The thing is, it’s winter at the moment and whilst it’s been a warm one, the Sun has been doing a shorter stint than usual. I would say about 10% less sunshine compared to last year day on day average. So more time indoors, more TV time, more Internet time and more newspapers, basically more of media. And with that backdrop enters Australia,in the ads, in the promos, on the newspaper, just about everywhere showcasing a paradise with sun, blue waters, adventure, buzz and just about everything that is an antidote to the British winter niggles. It may mot be that the NothingLikeAustralia campaign is stealing away London Olympic thunder, but it is making a dent alright. Winter months also being the times when holiday plans are made, its almost perfect timing to run a campaign. And that’s not all, quietly in concert I believe, emirates has been running its A380 super liner campaign with 20 flights a week down under,

20 A380 flights a week! When did that happen? This winged beast wasn’t even getting off the assembly for ages and now we have a virtual Emi(g)rates flotilla of them, enough I think to ship my borough off in under a week off to the sunny Oz clime.

Well whatever it is, must admit its a classy, enticing campaign with the right timing, visuals, messages and actually good sense. Bill Gates himself added a bit credibility to their case in his new year tweet. And that has me thinking as well. Trouble is unlike Bill I have to be more measured in my spend plans, but am keener than before.  So come some summer I will plan. In the meantime I’ll hold guard at the Olympics this August whilst most of the holidaying UK  prepares to fly down under.