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There is something special about Cambridge that sets it apart in England. A haloed University,  venerable college campuses, cobbled market streets, cycle friendly, Mill street, cultural scene, proximity to London and of course the River. Few places in England that I have been to (a fair bit) match the charm that Cambridge is able to create. I lived there for over 2 years and whilst eventually it was my big city genes that lured me away to London, a part of me decidedly took to Cambridge.

Some of the settings that made for memorable moments,

  • Parker’s piece on a sunny day
  • Bridge street restaurants on a Sunday evening – Teriyaki being my favourite and I heard is Stephen Hawking’s too (the possibility is very good in itself)
  • A night charity walk through the fens alongside the river and the colleges
  • Canadian canoe trip up to Grantchester
  • A chance sighting of Stephen Hawking in the market square.
  • Classical architectural, immaculate gardens and a river for good measure
  • Rich home made Ice creams up at a small Italian shop (name I should remember soon)  on Bridge street.
  • Do nothing a laze around riverside.
  • Mill road shops, pots and pans, eclectic coffee and antique bric a brac.
  • Cambridge United Vs Oxford United 1-1.
  • Drives out to the countryside, villages and towns in Cambridgeshire and neighbouring Norfolk. All very doable in a day and very pleasant.

And what made it special for the family, birth of my younger one at the Rosie maternity in Addenbrooke’s, a first rate hospital and amongst the leading medical research centres in the country.

Perhaps all joins up as a write, why a part of me keeps looking for excuses to go back there. Cutting the cake on my last birthday was the last one, I should think of the next one now.


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