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Hunstanton is a small town, or even rather a a big village on the northern shoreline of England’s east coast. We visited in June 2008, and with a picture perfect blue sky, warm weather and some great fish’n chips had a great time.  Smaller than its cousins on the east coast like Great Yarmouth and Felixstowe, Hunstanton still has pretty much most of what it takes to get the kids happy and rolling, a pleasure beach, nice play areas, rides and games and a relatively ‘un-cloned’  high street for the wife to be interested as well.

Green, Blue and Blue

Hunstanton by Postcard

Its a very good day trip, out and for a longer sojourn of 2-3 days, is a just as good a base as any other coastal town. The nearby resort of Wells-next-the-sea ranks as among the best sandy beaches in England, and is a fun place the way the water tide works there. Further along the coast, Sheringham and around the corner even Great Yarmouth are within driving distance.  It is easy to get here from the main towns of East England i.e. Cambridge, Norwich and Ipswich. Car journey apart, take the train from any of these places to King’s Lynn and a connecting bus service right in heart of King’s Lynn town centre will take you to Hunstanton. When we visited again, a year later, four wheels and Sat-nav this time, realised  hands free train and bus are much better, never mind the kid logistics or anything else. So if you are anywhere close to the place, watch for the sunshine and keep the travel kit ready to go Hunstantoning!


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